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ORO Furniture Main Door The outer veneer layers give the panel maximum mechanical strength and act as the load-bearing element, while the core (particle board) absorbs the shear stresses that occur during deflection. Due to the wood veneer, the flush door gives exact wood finishing with all characteristics of solid timber and quite often is better than a timber door.

Polished/Lacquered, any size & thickness (Maximum 38 mm) other than standard can be supplied on request at extra cost for orders for a minimum number of Doors at a time. Many other sizes, configurations, and finishes are available, contact our sales person for details. As per customer requirements, we produce a customized-sized door.

Color: Oak

• Deluxe Series is ready to deliver straight from the manufacturing machine and can be installed both indoor and outdoor

• Water & Moisture Proof

• No Shrinking or Swelling

• Long Life Durable & Maintenance Free

• High Screw & Nail Holding Capacity

• Fire Retardant

• Termite & Pest proof

The door material is German beech wood

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